Rossenstock-Huessy in Out of Revolution: The Auto biography of Western Man(1938)(pg3) collaborates passion to history this way “Our passions give life to the world, our collective passions constitute the history of mankind.” I think that is the key.  Our decisions are not abstract or only self-inflicting, or self-blessing.  Our passion and our decisions are collaborated and connect to everyone on earth, right now. Living in the body of Christ is one of the greatest blessings and mysteries on earth. To be apart but joined, to be one but many. This is the weight of our faithfulness, it is not only a gift for the individual but a continuing grace to those we interact with. Just as sin, or diseases can attack the body in one place affecting the whole, so does faithful living and godly decision making in one place able to edify the whole body of Christ.


“Shame is the soul’s garment against arbitrary and untimely knowledge, because time is the condition in which alone the Eternal may be revealed. It takes time for bride to know her love. It takes time for a nation to find her destiny. It takes time for the heart to know itself. The modern mind of man whispers instead: “It takes no time to know anything.” Rossen-Stock Huessy, LLT 5 Life Lines pg 21.