Three things I learned in Louisville


Almost a month ago we left our temporary home in Louisville, Kentucky and settled back into Idaho.  When we moved to Louisville about three years ago I knew exactly two people in the whole city and I didn’t know them well.  We moved here with no money, no job and two adorable little girls who were expecting to be fed and cared for.  But even in the midst of these struggles we enjoyed the city so much.  There were so many fun things to do and I really feel like we only scratched the surface of all it has to offer.   It was challenging and pushed us to trust in ways that we didn’t want to learn.  Moving is always a definite way to see a chapter of your life closing, and as it does here are three things the Lord kept teaching us over the last chapter that I do not want to forget.

 1. God often provides for our material needs in ways that we don’t expect.  In Matthew 17 Jesus is asked to pay taxes.  He sends his disciples fishing and tells them they will find money in the mouth of a fish to pay for the tax.  The last three years have been a financial roller coaster to say the least and The Lord has provided for us over and over again in ways that we were not even looking for.  He has shown us that He loves to provide surprise gifts when we least expect it.  He is not stingy when you put your trust in Him and go fishing.

2. The Holy Spirit comes to us in friends.  Jesus tells us that He has left behind a Helper for us, which is the Spirit.  I often think of the Holy Spirit as acting strictly in a spiritual sense to comfort and encourage our hearts.  While this is something that He does, we are also told that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  This means that other people’s bodies are also temples, and it is often within other people that we find the greatest help from the Spirit.  The Lord brought amazing people into our lives in Louisville and many times when we prayed for encouragement, babysitters, a car, food, clothing, wisdom, it was those friends who have the Spirit of God living in them that became the greatest instrument of God’s blessing to us.

3. God’s love transcends denominations. I have always known that despite various theological differences, there are strong believers in just about every denomination.  But in the last few years we have been very blessed to see it first hand.  Louisville has hundreds of strong, thriving churches where people are gathering multiple times a week and the word of God is being preached and lived out.  We spent our first year attending a large Baptist church, and while we differ on some theological points, we heard many encouraging and life changing sermons.  The last two years in Louisville, we attended a wonderful PCA church.  At both churches we met countless servants of Christ and beautiful families who are raising their little ones to love The Lord.  Maybe God is using all these different denominations to reach different groups of people throughout the world. I don’t know His reasons, but I do know that none of us have it 100% right.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many people from so many backgrounds that all love Christ and believe Him.  The Holy Spirit is strong and moving and working mightily throughout that city.  What a blessing to be able to be a small part of it.