Happy Birthday, June!


Happy birthday to my beautiful June Annwyn Marie.  She is the first one in the family to have curls in her hair, and that seems very appropriate.  She is bouncy and fun and loves to laugh and tackle her brother.  We are big fans.

The name Annwyn is thought to have come from the Welsh word referring to a world void of disease, where the food is unending.  In many myths it is associated with heaven.  I can’t think of a more appropriate middle name for our girl.  She has always been a bright light in our stories.

A few months ago June made up a word: “Labba-doo”. It means “don’t worry” or something like that.  Whenever someone is crying or upset, June will say “Just snap your fingers and say labba-doo”. It always reverses the situation and most of the time we all end up laughing.  That phrase sums up June perfectly.  She is always trying to make people laugh, especially her brother and sister.  She is the first one to turn a grumpy attitude into a joke.  When she gets hurt she quickly wipes away her tears and says “it’s going to be ok!”  with a big smile.  I hope someday she understands how much I need her laughter.

June is always bright, she is our light. She is our June in November, our sunshine in the winter, our little sparkle of hope.  She is so full of joy, and I am very much looking forward to another year with her!