Preachin’ to myself today…

“Be content with such things as you have, for the Lord has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.'” Hebrews 13:5


Be content.  It’s a common slogan of advice given out by Christians, often applied to the size of our house or the year of our car or the color of our hair.  Be content with your paycheck.  Be content with your marital status.  Be content with your weight.  Why?

Be content.

Why? Because Christians shouldn’t store up treasure on this earth?

Be content.

Why? Because God is sovereign?

Be content.

Why? Because I can not loose my salvation?

Charles Spurgeon, in his sermon “Jacob’s Waking Exclamation” from July 21, 1861 said (quoting the 23rd Psalm) “‘Yea though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me’  Is the twenty-third Psalm the song of your faith? Have you consciously thought of God standing with you? Then it would not be so difficult to perceive the presence of God.  You will view it as so real that when you open your eyes in the morning you will look to Him in praise.  When you close them at night, it will be like resting under the shadow of His wings. How I wish we could get back to the spirit of the old Puritans who believed in a present God always…Oh to feel God everywhere in the little as well as in the great, in our rising up and in our sitting down, in our going forth and in our coming in.”

God will never leave you nor forsake you, that is why we are to be content.

Be content…because the Lord will never leave you, not today, in this moment, right here, with your unpaid bills and your headache and your graying hair.

God is standing with you when you open your weather app first thing in the morning.  He chose the clouds.  Be content.

God is standing with you when you are late and the traffic is heavy.  He gave you the traffic.  Be content.

God is standing with you when your hands are full of a crying baby and your toddler dumps her smoothie on the carpet and your phone is ringing and your other child is yelling for help from the bathroom.  He loves those children.  And He loves you. Be content. He is there.

God is standing with you when your churning head collapses on your pillow and all your regrets cloud your heart.  He wrote your story today and yesterday.  Be content.  He was there.

Our contentment is not only in cosmic faith, it is not only because ultimately, in the long run, everything will be ok. Our joy is that God is present with us now.  Our contentment is the peace that He is standing with us in our darkest valleys and on our brightest hilltops.

Be content, your Lord who loves you is standing by your side every moment of every day.  He pours blessings like rain on all your hours.  He can see your troubles.  He is watching.  He is planning your way of escape.  Be content.  Pass this test.  Move to the next one.  Victory to victory.