Joy Like Cake

Cancer is a slow cooker. It is a refinery for emotions and relationships.  My mother has been battling Cancer for almost 10 years. Its stress by far was and is one of the greatest trials and tribulation of my family’s life.

Growth in this trial was not voluntary. This was not a green pasture we wanted lay down in.  However, my mother’s and father’s gift from God was faithfulness, which has produced a joy. As of late there has been a joy at the home which was always there but this current joy contains a weight. There is joy that is light like frosting and then there is a joy heavy like cake.

My youngest sister was wedded this summer. My wife and I had our second daughter. My sister and husband had their third child- the first grandson. We have moved, my sister’s have moved, my brothers have moved, and my mother and father have stayed.

My mother and my father are not alone for there still stays a joy. This joy I am sure will continue to build and create over the next ten years another joy. A heavier joy. I look forward to what is cooking.

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