Settling into a Car’s Seat, and Being Blessed.

We are settling as one who settles into a fantastic seat of a car. We love it, the stereo is great, the ride is sweet, but we know we have to get out sooner or later.  The Lord is opening doors, and continues to lead us in wonderful ways. That said we are reminded that we are not who we are or who we will be apart from the body of family and friends.  I was reading some Wendell Berry this morning that made me miss people in my past, but also made me thankful for their gifts and  how those gifts are being used in our lives in ways that I take for granted.  To Moscow we say – ‘we left we are blessed’.

Kentucky River Junction

by Wendell Berry

to Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs

Clumsy at first, fitting together
the years we have been apart,
and the ways.

But as the night
passed and the day came, the first
fine morning of April,

it came clear:
the world that has tried us
and showed us its joy

was our bond
when we said nothing.
And we allowed it to be

with us, the new green


Our lives, half gone,
stay full of laughter.

Free-hearted men
have the world for words.

Though we have been
apart, we have been together.


Trying to sleep, I cannot
take my mind away.
The bright day

shines in my head
like a coin
on the bed of a stream.


You left
your welcome.

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