Fenley Flat

After 3,000 miles of bumps, potholes and gentle swerves from freeway idiots our furniture made it here in many pieces. Which is perfectly fine, for if we had lifted the back and found all our furniture as one whole piece we would have never gotten it out.

Thank you Ethan Atwood, Johnathan Peterson for driving.

Thank you Kilners and Dunns for putting us up. Thank you Jonathan Anderson, Chris(the down stairs neighbor), Bill Smith and his crew for unloading our over stuffed truck, up a flight of stairs and re-stuffing it into a space which seems not much larger than the truck. 

Over the past few day Lindsey has worked her magic transforming closets like coffins into infinite storage space, boring poorly painted walls into mosaics of color, and scuffed wood floors into old friends.

Thanks be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost for a wonderful family, a safe trip, friends who blessed us and this our flat on Fenley Avenue. 

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